Amherst orientation includes mandatory screening of 'I’m Not Racist...Am I?'

“People don’t do what you’re doing in here, which is why we freaking have so much racism.”

Amber Athey Today at
3:38 PM EDT

CSULA dumps speech policy, but is the replacement any better?

California State University, Los Angeles has tried to duck a lawsuit over imposing security fees on controversial speakers, but it may have run afoul of the First Amendment yet again.

Marlo Safi Today at
3:04 PM EDT

Embattled dean retires after unrelenting protests

Protesters demanded a new curriculum that “Decentralizes Whiteness and has a critical focus on the evolution of systems of oppression such as racism, capitalism, colonialism, etc.,” that would only be “taught by prepared staff from marginalized backgrounds, especially professors of color and queer professors.”

Will Rierson Today at
2:08 PM EDT

Watchdog, taxpayer groups blast proposed 'fraud' loan forgiveness rule

A new rule proposed by the U.S. Department of Education will provide student loan forgiveness for students who prove they were “defrauded or deceived” by their university.

Morgan Walker Today at
12:27 PM EDT
Campus Reform Staff Jul 23, 2016 at
1:42 PM EDT

Hamilton College to institute diversity requirement

A New York college will be mandating a diversity course requirement in which all students, regardless of major, will need to study race, class, or another identity.

Rob Shimshock Jul 22, 2016 at
5:26 PM EDT
Image: Facebook

College Republicans lead impromptu rally against MA gun ban

The College Republicans of Bridgewater State University rallied more than 400 protesters outside the Massachusetts State House Thursday to protest a proposed gun ban.

Morgan Walker Jul 22, 2016 at
3:54 PM EDT
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) addressing an Obama campaign rally at Mizzou in 2008.

Mizzou protests were Gov. Nixon's fault, GOP candidate claims

Gov. Jay Nixon (D) is to blame for the racial unrest and protests at University of Missouri this past school year, according to Republican gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway.

Amber Athey Jul 22, 2016 at
2:13 PM EDT

School founded by black Civil War veterans eliminates history programs

History will soon be a thing of the past at a historically black Missouri university, despite opposition from faculty and the school’s own impressive historical pedigree.

Jenna Lawrence Jul 22, 2016 at
1:20 PM EDT

Campus carry no threat to LGBT safety, TX student says

Despite the claims of gun-control activists, the LGBTQ community has nothing to fear from the impending implementation of campus carry, a Texas student opined recently.

Autumn Price Jul 22, 2016 at
11:53 AM EDT

Millennial Republicans demand a more 'inclusive' GOP

Whether serving as delegates or just protesting, millennials made their presence clear at the 2016 Republican National Convention, advocating loudly for a new approach to social issues.

Morgan Walker Jul 22, 2016 at
10:36 AM EDT

Allowing students to opt-out of lab groups still discrimination, lawyer says

The University of Cincinnati is reminding faculty to let students choose their own partners for group projects after being sued by a student who claims she was made to work in an all-female lab group.

Amber Athey Jul 21, 2016 at
4:25 PM EDT

Coach K calls HB2 'embarrassing' as LGBT students avoid NC

College hoops is getting political and student activists are feeling nervous in response to a North Carolina law requiring people to use the public restroom assigned to their gender at birth.

Will Rierson Jul 21, 2016 at
3:26 PM EDT
Image: Twitter

Penn State LGBT housing co-op facing demolition

Residents of an LGBT community cooperative may soon be forced to find new accommodations after the property’s new landlord announced plans to replace the house with condos.

Jenna Lawrence Jul 21, 2016 at
1:23 PM EDT

Comedians 'appalled' by humorless college students

A feature documentary delving into the intersection of comedy and free speech traces the origins of the outrage culture against offensive comedians directly to college campuses.

Amber Athey Jul 21, 2016 at
12:17 PM EDT

UT Diversity Office wins 'Pork of the Year Award' for wasting taxpayer money

A nonpartisan watchdog group has named the University of Tennessee’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (DI) the single most wasteful government expenditure in Tennessee for 2016.

Rob Shimshock Jul 21, 2016 at
11:04 AM EDT

Yale offers to rehire worker who destroyed Calhoun window

Yale University has offered to rehire a cafeteria worker who destroyed a stained glass window of slaves picking cotton in a field because "it's 2016; I shouldn't have to come to work and see things like that."

Hannah Griffith Jul 21, 2016 at
8:57 AM EDT

Lutheran university to host 'Gay & Gray' event for elderly LGBT residents

Aging LGBT Iowans will gather in early August at Grand View University for their second annual senior citizens summit, ‘Gay & Gray in the Midwest.’

Will Rierson Jul 20, 2016 at
4:48 PM EDT

UND accused of apathy toward diversity for consolidating multicultural centers

A University of North Dakota doctoral student is berating the school for consolidating its diversity centers into a central location, saying it reveals apathy toward diversity efforts.

Morgan Walker Jul 20, 2016 at
3:54 PM EDT

NC State abandons speech restrictions after judicial rebuke

North Carolina State University has revised its speech code policies as part of a settlement with a student group that had sued the school for violating its First Amendment rights.

Jenna Lawrence Jul 20, 2016 at
2:32 PM EDT

Required reading: stereotypes are ‘part of American landscape’

This year’s required reading for incoming Colorado College students claims that stereotypes are self-reinforcing, creating negative outcomes that fuel further segregation.

Amber Athey Jul 20, 2016 at
1:09 PM EDT

GOP platform denounces 'indoctrination' by campus liberals

The Republican Party’s official 2016 platform includes several promising planks related to higher education, including reduced federal subsidies and enhanced speech protections.

Marlo Safi Jul 20, 2016 at
11:11 AM EDT

Social justice on Mars

Assuming NASA ever actually does take us to Mars, we can now rest easy knowing they will be prepared to establish a utopian society upon the blank Martian slate, free from the privileges and prejudices of Earth.

Peter Fricke Jul 19, 2016 at
5:09 PM EDT

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants is ‘not enough,’ NJ lawmakers say

A study by a liberal think-tank argues that many illegal immigrants have been unable to take advantage of in-state tuition and would be better served by access to state financial aid, and some New Jersey lawmakers agree.

Amber Athey Jul 19, 2016 at
4:41 PM EDT
PSU students staging a

PSU prof blames white liberals for hindering diversity efforts

Portland State University is continuing to ramp up their diversity efforts despite “White paternalism” allegedly stifling the process.

Marlo Safi Jul 19, 2016 at
3:32 PM EDT

Prof redoubles support for kids of same-sex couples after resigning

A gay, conservative professor who was recently hounded into early retirement is now speaking even more candidly on behalf of children’s rights, the very issue that precipitated his persecution.

Amber Athey Jul 19, 2016 at
2:35 PM EDT

Grad student: Blue Lives Matter puts whites on 'wrong side of history'

A doctoral student claims that “Blue Lives Matter” means police lives are “worth more” than those of other people, and that the default position of white people is “ignorant racism.”

Rob Shimshock Jul 19, 2016 at
11:47 AM EDT

Law schools worry bar-passage standard will undermine diversity

The American Bar Association is considering a new bar-passage standard that some law school deans believe contradicts an existing ukase on diversity and inclusion.

Amber Athey Jul 19, 2016 at
10:48 AM EDT

Volunteer bathroom-inspectors pick out gender-inclusive restrooms

Over 40 volunteers at the University of Iowa spent the spring semester locating bathrooms on campus to be designated “gender-inclusive” for students, faculty, and staff.

Jenna Lawrence Jul 19, 2016 at
9:35 AM EDT

UWM prof advocates ‘abolition of whiteness’

A professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is calling for the complete “abolition of whiteness,” saying only then will America see an end to racism.

Rob Shimshock Jul 18, 2016 at
5:32 PM EDT

Officials shoot down claim that UC buffaloes black athletes

The CU-Boulder athletic department is battling a growing story that black football players may have called their athletic training center “the plantation” in recent years.

Will Rierson Jul 18, 2016 at
4:35 PM EDT

UPenn health prof: DNC fart-in should take about 6 hours to begin

A professor at the University of Pennsylvania is participating in a “fart-in”  to protest for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 28.

Marlo Safi Jul 18, 2016 at
3:48 PM EDT

Documentary blames Brown for hostility to speech on campus

A new mini-documentary from Rob Montz carefully traces the rise of the campus protest culture back to Brown University, where the free exchange of ideas has been suppressed as violent and hurtful.

Anthony Gockowski Jul 18, 2016 at
12:31 PM EDT

The Weekly Roundup: Better late than never

The headlines we were tempted to run, and the commentary we couldn't

Campus Reform Staff Jul 18, 2016 at
8:04 AM EDT

LGBT group joins opposition to Harvard single-gender club ban

A national LGBT rights group has condemned Harvard for banning members of single-gender social clubs from holding leadership positions at the prestigious institution.   

Morgan Walker Jul 18, 2016 at
7:44 AM EDT

Johnson, ‘Undecided' gain ground on Trump, Clinton among Millennials

Young voters are more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, according to a new poll by Harvard University.

Jenna Lawrence Jul 15, 2016 at
5:56 PM EDT

Berkeley cop watchdog suggests 'sensitivity training' for officers

A study by several professors purporting to demonstrate racial disparities in police use of force is prompting suggestions that police should undergo sensitivity and bias training.

Marlo Safi Jul 15, 2016 at
5:12 PM EDT

UH President: free expression trumps political correctness

The University of Houston (UH) is refusing to remove a student government executive from office after she angered many students with a tweet saying “All Lives Matter.”

Will Rierson Jul 15, 2016 at
3:26 PM EDT

Michigan prof takes stand against 'no boys allowed' study lounge

A Michigan State University professor has filed a formal complaint against the school, saying a female-only study lounge is discriminatory toward men.

Marlo Safi Jul 15, 2016 at
2:55 PM EDT

Ole Miss Chancellor under fire for mourning Dallas attack

Students and faculty at the University of Mississippi are expressing disgust with the university’s Chancellor for offering condolences to the Dallas shooting victims without mentioning other recent shootings.

Morgan Walker Jul 15, 2016 at
12:58 PM EDT

CSU refuses to revise 'frustrating' writing test

A former California State University student believes that the school’s required Writing Skills Test is outdated and its standards should be revised for current students.

Jenna Lawrence Jul 15, 2016 at
11:21 AM EDT

Texas Tech Young Cons fire back at Student Dems

"[W]e...publicized this tweet...because it is part of a poisonous and malignant anti-cop narrative..."

Peter Fricke Jul 15, 2016 at
12:19 AM EDT

VIDEO: Youth troubled by Clinton's emails as Trump closes gap

Young voters told Campus Reform that even without an indictment, the email scandal makes them leery of trusting Hillary Clinton.

Cabot Phillips and Amber Athey Jul 12, 2016 at
7:46 AM EDT

Students blame peers’ privilege for social justice apathy

"[M]any of our students are very privileged and take little interest in changing the status quo."

Marlo Safi Jul 14, 2016 at
4:40 PM EDT

Cleveland students protest 'mere presence' of cops on campus for RNC

Students at a Cleveland, Ohio college are petitioning to halt the billeting of riot police officers on campus during the Republican National Convention (RNC) next week.

Will Rierson Jul 14, 2016 at
4:35 PM EDT

College Occidentally turns student into a conservative

A former Occidental College student has abandoned liberalism, saying its intellectual homogeneity left him unsatisfied.

Anthony Gockowski Jul 14, 2016 at
3:39 PM EDT

NY colleges shun Duke over NC bathroom bill

A New York college is refusing to play the Duke University men’s basketball team this year in support of a gubernatorial edict protesting North Carolina’s transgender “bathroom bill.”

Will Rierson Jul 14, 2016 at
12:58 PM EDT
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